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Post by Mifmemo on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:39 am

  General Rules 3426384916 Please respect your fellow members. Arguments between characters are fine but they are not to be had between members. If you have an issue with someone please try to act civilly and contact an admin with your concerns. We will not tolerate abuse of others in this group and bullying will not be tolerated.

   General Rules 3426384916 Power playing is not permitted unless you have express permission from the other characters owner and admin permission to do so.  

   General Rules 3426384916 No spamming or advertising please. While we do accept group affiliations it becomes very tedious when people start spamming the group with advertisements for other groups. We understand that you’re excited, but do it somewhere else.

   General Rules 3426384916 All characters have flaws--even the gods. Please try to make a balanced character and if you are asked to adjust something please understand that it is being asked for the best interests of the group.

   General Rules 3426384916 Respect the admin. We are doing this because we enjoy it and we want to make a pleasant and fun environment for people to rp in, not because we are being paid to or because we have an obligation to. If an admin issues a warning or asks you to change a behavior in or out of character please listen to them and do not yell. Once again we will not tolerate abuse of others in this group.

   General Rules 3426384916 This group is PG 13 at best. It is asked that rps of an adult nature be moved to private chat (skype, dA, notes-whatever you want). Please speak up if you are uncomfortable with something and we will try to adjust.

   Rape is not tolerated within the group in any form. Do not rp, plot, or attempt to do this with any group character regardless of age. While it is understood that such things might have occurred in a characters past it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED during active roleplay. There are NO exceptions. In addition, cutting, suicide or suicidal themes are NOT to be brought up in chat or rp. This is a bannable offense and you will be removed from the group.

   General Rules 3426384916 A strike system is in place for people that disobey group rules or require admin attention. If you are given a warning strike you will be notified via note along with the reason. Any strike issued removes the user and their characters from being able to participate in the nearest group event. Two strikes will result in a suspension and three strikes will get you removed from the group. Strikes will be removed by admin discretion; however we hold the right to suspend or kick a member at any point. If you would like to know how many warning strikes you currently have please note the group and an admin will respond.

   General Rules 3426384916 This group is not about shipping but we know it will occur. Please try to interact with people other than your ship partners. We'd all like to meet you and rp.

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