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Post by menu tessu on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:27 pm

Albirich's Sketches Al10

So, new year and new get up i just tweaked my glamour by a lot and new tattoos! (a pumpking and fire cause my little princesses) I'm getting too obsessed with it. Also Stella's pumpkin vine is growing strong and if blood ran through my body I'd have died by now due to lack of flow.

Albirich's Sketches Quinn10

Met someone new and he is absolutely gorgeous and divine and mesmerising and I might've made myself look silly and stupid. But I had to okay! There was literally nothing else I could do. However Quinn was nice enough not to point it out and let me sketch him. I need to draw him more.

Albirich's Sketches Stella10

Finally found my pumpkin princess! And her new hair is amazing. It makes her look even more adorable and heart attack giving. Talking about heart attack she gave it to me by jumping onto me randomly and then walking into cafeteria with a baby in her hand! What? How? Thankfully I didn't have to murder anyone for despoiling my beautiful princess. Cause apparently babies for Stella darling comes from cauldrons. I'm okay with it.
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