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Post by Mifmemo on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:50 am

These should only be minor characters or those related to your slot. So you can use this to list your characters parents, their staff, shop owners in their world. Do not use this as an excuse to take over other major characters. Someone might want to use that parent and they'd have priority.

Additionally World NPCs cannot leave their story world. This is just a way to store characters that you've used while RPing in your home story world.

Character Name: (you probably named them)
Role: (king, queen, mom, dad, baker ect)
Short Description: (Can be Physical and personality.)
Can be used by others in my story for RP purposes: (Yes or No)

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World NPCs Empty Re: World NPCs

Post by Kyte-Rhima on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:25 am

Character Name: Wilbur (Will) Turkon ;
Lead Investigator to the Murder Cases leftover by Ashe during her past Killing days, even up to now.

Role: Detective || Police Officer

Short Description: Formally dressed attire; no jacket, suspenders. Short slick backed hair (black); has pretty distinguishing sideburns. Carries tools used by police (no firearms though). Stands at 6'6" , having a muscular male build.  [he's totally not a werewolf--//kicked]
In mid-40s; he's very serious, calm and cool. Highly knowledgeable in criminology and forensics. Not familiar enough in magecraft, but has a good substantial amount of knowledge of it.

Can be used by others in my story for RP purposes: YES

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