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World NPCs Empty World NPCs

Post by Mifmemo on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:49 am

These should only be minor characters or those related to your slot. So you can use this to list your characters parents, their staff, shop owners in their world. Do not use this as an excuse to take over other major characters. Someone might want to use that parent and they'd have priority.

Additionally World NPCs cannot leave their story world. This is just a way to store characters that you've used while RPing in your home story world.

Character Name: (you probably named them)
Role: (king, queen, mom, dad, baker ect)
Short Description: (Can be Physical and personality.)
Can be used by others in my story for RP purposes: (Yes or No)

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World NPCs Empty Siblings of The Thief

Post by EziNii on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:16 pm

Theres a lot of them.

Ace has 6 brothers. and 2 sisters


Royce (Eldest, Following their mother and being a lord)
Conner (2nd eldest, a Mercenary)
Kaden (4rd Child, Probably the most sane out of all of them- Actually a Thief as well, Ace looks up to him a lot)
Dee ( Actual name is Decan) (Biggest a-hole ever. Don't trust him)
Jem (actual name is Jarren, but he hates it)
Chase (Ace's older twin brother who will not attend Ever After High, He lives nearby to keep an eye on his twin and occationally may play the twin game with people)


Piper (Clever lady, 3th eldest- She picks on her brothers relentlessly, She's a mercenary like Conner)
Gale (Shy, kind of the black sheep of the family- Would've been the youngest had it not been for Chase and Ace, Shes actually very sweet to her brothers and is well loved by her siblings, Is usually the one who helps Ace with reading)

[in order: Royce, Conner, Piper, Kaden, Dee, Jem, Gale, Chase and then Ace is the youngest like he's suppose to be lol]

Can they be used in RPs?: Sure. Go ahead. They're a bunch of Rowdy jerks, But lovable ones.

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