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Post by Mifmemo on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:17 am

Here is where you should post things that have happened to effect your story's future, if it's a small thing that might become something more (such as X is dating Y) or something that clearly impacts the story progression ( such as blowing up a castle and jumping stories). We're hoping to develop a universe wide storyline that incorporates the stories everyone has been building, so by listing things here the moderation team can quickly gather up plots and try to weave them together. This also allows other people within your story to see what's going on within the book so that they can utilize the effects properly. Thank you all so much and I look forward to reading what you all have planned!

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Story Development Empty Re: Story Development

Post by TargetGirl on Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:31 pm

Lance was once a stuck up Royal, who disliked Rebels and believed in following the destiny laid out for you by the parent before you. Then, he met a girl. A lovely girl by the name of Elvy Myrtle, who soon became his very best friend forever after. He spent all of his time with her it seemed. Slowly, she started making him change his ways, seeing the errors in his snobbish and closed views. They fell in love, and Lance became exactly what he used to be against- a rebel. His story was basically overhauled as he abandoned it and practically acted out all of Elvy's own story without even knowing it. (luckily with no one chopping his lover to bits-) He story hopped~! Now, the two are married and expecting a baby in July.


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